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Myanmar Copper Company

Myanmar copper company is a large modernized production enterprise for electrolytic copper in Myanmar, which mainly manufactures electrolytic copper, copper sulfate, nickel sulfate, etc..
In march 2014, our factory provides them two sets of multifunctional automatic overhead travelling crane A-CWD 4x8/5t-31.5m H=12m A7, for the electrolytic copper 100,000 tons of cathode copper smelting project electrolytic section.
Electrolytic copper crane is a special application requirement for the production of electrolytic copper and it is used for the dedicated lifting equipment of the refined copper in the electrolytic workshop of the copper factory. Electrolytic copper crane is composed by the electrical control, crab, trolley traveling mechanism and crane bridge, etc.
Crab mainly consists by trolley travelling mechanism, lifting mechanism, adjusting mechanism, spreader, mobile control room, cathode hanger, frame, etc.
Our factory has a rich of industry experience in the field of electrolytic copper dedicated crane and could provide solutions for electrolytic copper industry in the world. Clescrane team own the professional knowledge and skills in the field and can help customers choose the most suitable crane equipment.

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