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Kenya Grain Bulk Distribution Company

Kenya Grain Bulk Distribution company was build in the year of 2000. It is a private enterprise integrated with grain distribution. It has its own port handling ship, mass transit terminal, large warehouse dock, bag storage and a series of facilities of local transportation .
With the development of the business, the Kenya grain bulk distribution company has built a new fabrication workshop for processing and manufacturing grain bulk storage tanks.In order to improve productivity, they need to purchase the crane equipment .
The detailed service concept ensures the high level of availabilityof the good quality lifting equipment.Detailed understanding of the customer's actual situation and requirements, we recommend the CHS series bridge crane.
CHS series bridge crane is powerful and reliable, which is capable of lifting capacity up to 20 tons. It is a perfect choice for general manufacturing.
On June 3, 2017, Clescrane signed two sets of CHS5t - 14.5 m H = 6m, A5, with Kenyan customers.
“when we need more crane equipment , we are glad to choose Clescrane for cooperation “, Kenya food distribution company says .
In the past years , Clescrane get more and more orders from African market and gained more and more praise and good reputation . Clescrane will provide customer most safety reliable, and high efficiency materials handling solution and high quality products .

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