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Bangladesh Clothing Factory

Bangladesh Clothing Factory, established in 1990, whose headquarter is in UK, is one of the biggest international clothing company in Bangladesh, and is the most trustworthy and recommended sewing threads manufacturer. It mainly produces and sells industrial threads. 
With the increasing business, another crane is needed in dyeing workshop to improve working efficiency. According to the factory structure and real demands, CHX serial suspension crane was recommended to our customer.
Customer chose us because of the product quality. The core parts of Clescrane products use imported international famous brands (such as Schneider, SEW, ABB, Siemens). The design and manufacture strictly follow the standards of FEM, EN and DIN. The cranes work smoothly and steady and is highly cost effective. At the same time, the cranes are free from maintenance, and the later repair cost is very low. In September 2015, Clescrane had established cooperation with Bangladesh Clothing Factory, and signed a contract of one CHX serial Suspension crane. 

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