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Announcements of Safety Using an Electric Hoist and Trolley

I think everyone is not unfamiliar with electric hoists and trolley, we often see large hoisting equipments on the building site and other industries, electric hoists are important parts of lifting equipments. Compared with cranes, electric hoists are small, exquisite and easy to operate, and it can also increase the working efficiency of cranes. So what are the considerations in the process of using the electric hoist?

1. Safety checks before use
1) There should be no obstacle and floater within the scope of walking and sight of the operator, as well as the walking route of the heavy objects.
2) The button of the hand controls should be sensitive and act accurately in the four directions: up and down, left and right. The motor and reducer should work well without any abnormal sound.
3) Brake should be sensitive and reliable.
4) To ensure there is no foreign body on the traveling rails of the electric hoist.
5) The limiting stopper for up and down movements of the hoist should act sensitively and accurately.
6) Hook locking nut should be tightened and reliable.
7) Hook should turn around flexibly both in the horizontal and vertical directions.
8) Hook pulley should turn around flexibly.
9) The steel wire rope should be neatly arranged on the lifting drum, without any obvious cracks and will not break away from the drive pulley groove, twisting, folding clasp, should be with good lubrication.
2. Electric trolley should not lift or unload heavy objects on the discharge side or work with overload
3. In the using procession, the operator should check the steel wire rope whether there is a disorderly buckle rope, tied knot, offing the groove and wear and tear or not at any time, once it's found,should be handled in time, and we should often check whether the rope guide and limit switch are safe and reliable or not.
4. In daily work, the limiting stopper should not be artificially used to stop the heavy lifting or the lifting equipment running.
5. Once work is completed, shut off the power master switch and turn off the main power supply system.
6. Special maintenance personnel should be arranged to check the main performance and safety state of the electric hoist once a week, to find the fault and eliminate it in time.
The above are the considerations when using the electric hoist and trolley, we must operate it based on standards strictly, so that it can work efficiently.

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