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Future service

1). Protect you and your staff
In terms of occupational safety, don’t miss any opportunities. As the owner of cranes, lifts and electrical device, you have responsibility to protect the safety of employees. Our regular safety inspections improve the safety of your equipment. They ensure that hazards, such as reduced loads caused by personal injury or equipment damage, be identified and can be prevented in time and legal accident prevention regulations are met.

2). Analysis and consultation
You can rely on our advice at any time. In order to achieve the best use of the equipment, you do not have to be a crane expert. As a manufacturer and operator of cranes, you can simply obtain professional knowledge from “the 10 questions to know before purchasing ”, which are all to help you make the right choice, and it is very important.

3). Concrete analysis
Do you want to achieve the best use of your plant & equipment and focus on your core business ? Does unplanned downtime and production losses are more than a hassle? Do you put employee safety and compliance with the law in the first place ? If your answer is yes, we are willing to use our expertise to help you find possible improvements.

4). Expert advice
Our service consultants have extensive industry expertise, this enables them to advise you on the right solutions to achieve your personal goals and meet the challenges in line with your business, environments and business needs. They can help your plant and life cycle of the equipment at any time.

5) Preventive inspection and maintenance
Tailor-made solutions for preventive inspections and maintenance .
Through standardized preventive inspection and maintenance solutions, our GH hoist, GHS and GHD products can continue to work efficiently for you throughout their entire life cycle, and can help you ensure that your equipment provides the performance you need. Operators provide the best equipment availability and a high level of safety.
We suggest that after the warranty period, we can provide you with value-added preventive inspection services to prevent problems before they occur. After all, equipment is frequently used, load handling accessories and lifting accessories are often taken for granted. However, minor or even invisible damage can have a considerable impact on safety.Therefore, the equipment must always been in perfect working condition and regular inspection are essential.

Double girder overhead crane in Indonesia

Project Address: Indonesia Time: Dec. 2020 Equipment Model: GHD10T+5T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set G