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GHD Series Double Girder Overhead Crane

Lifting Capacity: 0.8~80t
Span: 7.5m~35.5m
Working Class: A5, A6
There are various connection modes between main girder and end carriage to adapt different building structure.

The GHD series of double girder overhead cranes ensure continuous high functionality, flexibility and ease of operation. Larger rated lifting capacity meets the lifting requirements of most working conditions. It can be widely used in production workshops, storage warehouses and other scenarios. Light weight, stable structure and flexible operation.

1. The operation of cross travel and long travel adopts frequency inverter control to reduce the impact on the steel structure of the plant during starting and braking.
2. The double-girder bridge crane is equipped with a walking platform as standard, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to perform maintenance and repair.
3. The control method can adopt a variety of control methods such as driver's cab, remote control, non-following pendant, etc.
4. Frequency inverter is optional for hoist lifting, and the rigidity of the main girder is large to meet the requirements of positioning accuracy during assembly.
5. The number of wheels of the long travel can be designed as eight-wheel structure, which greatly reduces the height of the crane and effectively disperses the pressure on the rail girder of the plant.
6. A large screen display can be configured to display the weight of each load in real time

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Double girder overhead crane in Indonesia

Project Address: Indonesia Time: Dec. 2020 Equipment Model: GHD10T+5T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set G