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GJZ Series Pillar Mounted Slewing Jib Crane

Lifting Capacity: 0.5~5t
Effective Arm Length: 3m~10m
Rotation Angle: 180º 270º 360º
The swing arm can choose electric rotation and manual rotation.
Electric chain hoist is generally used.
Lightweight design (DIN 15018H2/B2)

The vertical jib crane is designed to be independently installed on the building floor. The slewing range of the workstation crane is 180º270º360º, the maximum jib length is 10m, and the maximum safe working load is 5 t. The swivel stop allows you to adjust the swivel range according to your needs.
The crane is installed via a circular pin plate with special floor pins that comply with the allowable dynamic load. You can also use anchor rods to fix the crane on the foundation, or use an intermediate plate with ground anchors.
GJZ series jib cranes use chain hoists to meet the needs of short-distance, high-frequency, and intensive lifting operations. The structure of the whole machine is small and it occupies a small space. It can stand around frequently lifting objects, which is convenient and quick to lift. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, trouble-saving, small footprint, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

1. The column is made of seamless steel pipe, the number of welds is reduced, and the risk of deformation and failure of the steel structure is reduced.
2. The jib crane arm can use I-beam, H-beam, aluminum alloy profiles, etc., and large-tonnage and large-span jib cranes can adopt box girder structure to meet various working conditions.
3. Jib crane arm rotation can be electric or manual; trolley operation can be electric or manual, and a variety of combinations to meet the individual needs of customers.
4. The structure of the whole machine is diverse, which is suitable for the customer's demand for the height of the whole machine.
5. High efficiency, energy saving and easy installation. The foundation can be pre-buried in advance or can be fixed with our attached chemical bolts.
6. The jib crane arm rotation angle can be 90°, 180°, 270°or use the limit block to define the customer's own

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Double girder overhead crane in Indonesia

Project Address: Indonesia Time: Dec. 2020 Equipment Model: GHD10T+5T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set G