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GCH Series Electric Chain Hoist

Lifting Capacity: 60kg-5000kg
Adopt compact design, with large headroom

Three-phase power supply and classic contactor control, the control voltage is 48V.
Durable cable handheld pendant
The standard electric upper and lower limit switches improve safety
Protection level: IP5
The standard two-speed motor realizes gentle operation.
Durable galvanized lifting chain with longer service life.
Mechanical friction torque limiter protects operators and equipment from accidental overload.
Built-in control panel design, convenient for maintenance.
The standard configuration of trolley operation is stepless frequency inverter speed control.
The electric chain hoist has low headroom, hook cantilever and many other functions, which can meet the requirements of specific workstations.

One set of solution to solve efficiency and safety issues
The electric chain hoist is not only easy to use, but also can speed up the operation, improve safety and extend the service life of the equipment. The electric chain hoist has strong applicability and durability, and is an ideal choice for fast-paced workstations.
The electric chain hoist has a stepless variable speed lifting function, which can smoothly complete vertical movement. Choosing this electric chain hoist can help you handle high-demand workloads while ensuring load stability throughout the process. The product has multiple functions such as electronic overload protection, chain loosening control, and load shock absorption. Through the use of advanced technology, the electric chain hoist perfectly combines efficiency and safety.

Lifting is not restricted by the site
You can use the electric chain hoist with an overhead crane, a workstation crane, or a jib crane. The versatility of electric chain hoists makes it an ideal solution for a variety of lifting applications.

Applicable to all workstations
It is widely applicable to the lifting tasks of workstations, and works closely with you to help your lifting operations be safer and more effective.
Our electric chain hoist has a variety of advanced functions, customized options and selection of lifting speed, adapting to the different requirements of various industries, compact structure, strong applicability, and suitable for the needs of manufacturers of any size.

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