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Why Choose Gbcranes?

1. Professional industrial gripper design and production company.
2. The product design is based on the SIEMENS NX software design platform.
3. Product design and development pass the feasibility verified and designed by MCD, and eliminate user’s risk of investing in developing prototype.
4. With professional CAE analysts, products can be optimized and truly improved.
5. Professional craftsmanship and quality inspection team guarantee the production of spreader products.
6. Just because GBCRANES only focuses on the design of standard overhead cranes under 50 tons and jib cranes under 10 tons, we are not all-rounders but we can better and more professionally serve the on-site production needs of users.
7. Professional, dedicated, focusing on product quality, and enhancing users' commercial value.
8. Localized installation service partners in the target market can better serve localized users.

Double girder overhead crane in Indonesia

Project Address: Indonesia Time: Dec. 2020 Equipment Model: GHD10T+5T-10.9M H=15M A5 1set G